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HCV History

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves Ltd was established in 1985 by Stewart Becroft for the growing Cartridge Valve Industry. He realised that to do justice to this concept the company would have to concentrate solely on Cartridge Valves, to avoid being distracted by any other hydraulic products.

In the beginning HCV designed Valves using Modular Controls Cartridges, which have industry standard common cavities.  Modular had a large range of solenoids, pressure controls and compensators.

As improved Cartridge Valve construction and cavity design became available, HCV started using SUN Hydraulic Cartridge Valves.  SUN Hydraulics had the best load holding valves on the market at the time and the unique "floating nose" construction gave their valves excellent capacity and reliable performance.  HCV became the New Zealand distributor for SUN Hydraulics.

Sterling Hydraulics designed a common cavity cartridge that was one piece in the nose and cage as oppose to the standard 2 piece "Rigid" construction.  This helps keep the cartridge concentric to the cavity.  HCV took on the New Zealand distributorship for Sterling Hydraulics to cater for the common cavity market.

As speed controls started to show up on mobile equipment and computers monitoring system flow requirements were becoming more popular, HCV started talking to Source Fluid Power.  Source has designed Motorised Flow Controls (MFCs) to suit industry common and SUN cavities.  HCV started importing MFCs.

Bruce started investigating what products were available to plug manifold cross drillings.  He found Zero Leak plugs which fit into standard SAE ports (UN'O-Ring), but they have a special chamfer that not only helps locate the o-ring into the ports groove, but also makes a metal on metal seal (thus Zero Leak).  We have been using these plugs for well over 10 years.

SUN Hydraulics started extending its proportional range of cartridge valves, and this technology was becoming wide spread in the Hydraulic market.  Lynch Electronics manufacture amplifiers which take an electrical signal and turn it in to a PWM current to drive the proportional coils.  HCV became the New Zealand distributor for Lynch Electronics.

With global corporate restructuring Sterling Hydraulics was undergoing a name change so we started to investigate another Common Cavity cartridge valve supplier.  We found Hydraforce who manufacture a great range of cartridges.  We now stock Hydraforce Solenoids to suit industry common cavities.     

Over the years HCV has remained a personal company with very professional standards.  With over 25 years experience and sound technical support for all our Products, we are the ones to turn to first for all your Cartridge Valve needs. Our friendly and dedicated staff are always happy to help.


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