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At HCV we work with you to grow your idea into a fully functional valve specific to your available machine mounting space and with sound hydraulic application.


The design journey starts with an idea.  We work with you to help turn your idea into a functional schematic.  With over 25 years of experience we can guide your idea away from hooks and traps.  We look into your requirement, work out what the expected performances are and what load induced pressures and safety factors need to be handled.  Once the idea is turned into a schematic we select the appropriate cartridges to suit the capacity of your system.




The Next stage is to look at where you intend the valve to be installed. Knowing what room is available gives our designers an envelope to work within. We also look at hydraulic hose locations to ensure the valve is as practical as possible.  This stage is very critical, with the right information we can make certain the valve will suit the install and have a simple fit up.  





Our designers then look as how the internal connections can be made between the working ports and the cartridge cavities.  This is where the real art form of manifold design comes into it, and with years of experience our team can create high capacity solutions with minimal space consumption.  






Once the design is roughed out, we then work that into a manifold.  We select material sizes from the available extrusions that will fit the cartridges, ports and interconnections within the smallest practical volume.  This stage is highly technical and checking manifold wall thickness, sizing interconnections to match the required capacity, ensuring connections do not create excessive pressure drop and thinking about the practicality of machining all have to be factored into it.



The next stage is to create a 2D or 3D Model of the valve for final approval prior to machining. We use Visio (2D) and Solidworks (3D) software and find that many of our customers do as well.  Our customers with Solidworks can add the valve concept model to their machine models to see a virtual install of the final component.  






Once all these design stages have been completed the manifold is machined, the cartridges are pressure set to requirement and the valve is assembled.  The final product can then be tested and made ready for delivery.       






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