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Cartridge Valves

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves have been designed to accurately control flow and pressure within a practical physical space for hydraulic systems. Cartridge Valves offer safety features and load controllability, which is a paramount requirement in today’s machinery. Manifold design incorporated with a growing range of Cartridge Valves gives our engineers the ability to build complex hydraulic circuits at relatively low cost and with minimal space consumption.















         This is the DIY Solution to a winch system                                                                 Above the HCV Solution

86  Potential leak paths                                                                                            6  Potential leak paths

38  Connections to make                                                                                          6  Connections to make

10  ¼” Tubes to bend and fit                                                                                    0  ¼” Tubes to bend and fit

 9   ½” Tubes to bend and fit                                                                                    0  ½” Tubes to bend and fit

The great advantage of using Hydraulic Cartridge Valves is we can build a custom valve assembly to your specific requirement, you end up with the functionality you want within a single valve as opposed to the DIY version that has 9 individual valves creating a headache to connect correctly.

Tailored design, saves on space, keeps cost down and cements after sales service.


We prefer Sun Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

  • Floating Nose Construction


  •  A step up in cartridge size doubles capacity

Above SUN Hydraulics Direct Acting Relief Valves


  • Large cavity hit areas in comparison to SAE cavities










The above SAE-10 cavities with 7/8" UN threads have a maximum            The above Series 1 SUN cavities with M20 threads have a

hit area diameter 8mm, and an angle connection diameter of                   maximum hit area diameter of 16mm, and an angle             

just 3.5mm.                                                                                         connection diameter of 8.5mm


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