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With our own dedicated offsite Auckland based manufacturing facility we have the ability to prioritise what manifolds are made when.  This means long lead times and international freight hold ups are a thing of the past. 

To deliver even faster turnaround we have an in-house machining area which has been set up to do small batch runs.  This service means we can make one off blocks in 1-2 days, it also allows us to tidy up plumbing issues with collector manifolds. If you have a proto-type machine and are looking for one valve only we can get it machined without upsetting our production runs.

We machine in both T6-6061 Aluminium and Cast Iron.  If you have an urgent job call us, and you can forget your long lead time headaches. 


Our Machines have the ability to Drill Compound Angles. Being able to machine on 5 axis and using SUN Cartridges which have generous machining spaces between sealing areas, means we can create manifolds with optimum capacity and minimum manifold volume.  Examples of 3 Axis machining verse 5 Axis machining is seen below: 


3-Axis Striaght Hole Machining                                                        5-Axis Compound Angle Machining

Manifold Dimensions:  127 x 127 x 127mm                                             Manifold Dimensions:  102 x 102 x 102mm

Manifold Volume:  2049 Cubic Centimeters                                             Manifold Volume:  1061 Cubic Centimeters

Potential Leak Paths (external plugs):  17                                               Potential Leak Paths (external plugs): 0

In the example you can see by using 5-Axis machining we eliminate the Leak paths and reduce the manifold volume by about half.  The reduction in external plugs takes the hassle out of potential leaky cross drillings, and keeps valve assembly simple.  In mobile equipment where space is at a premium this volume advantage is very significant.  


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